About The Gallery Girls

Prior to the inception of the Gallery Girl brand, a group of exceptional artist models united with the idea of creating an underground artist speakeasy. These late night drawing parties originated in Pasadena at Haile’s Restaurant and then moved to the infamous Bedlam warehouse. Jennifer Fabos Patton took on the full time production responsibilities, which prepared her for the birthing of The Gallery Girls.

In today’s technology-driven world, creative types are becoming more isolated than ever. We make it our mission to revive human contact between artists in a fun social setting that gets them out of their confined workspaces.

These events were originally conceived to recreate the lively social scene of Paris in the early 19th Century. During its heyday, you could go into any number of cafes, clubs and bars to find the top models of the Parisian art scene hanging out with famous artists – drinking, drawing and having fun. Prior to the inception of our Late Night Drawing Salons, there was no central meeting place for artists. Our vision over a decade ago was to provide a space that celebrates L.A.’s diverse artistic community. Every event caters to a slightly different artistic demographic.

Today the Late Night Drawing Salons travel through many of L.A.’s best art-themed locations, bringing the opportunity for all nocturnal artists to come together and draw from L.A.’s best art models. However, Gallery Girl events are not limited to the Southern California region. Striving to maintain a sense of loyalty with a global network of clients requires occasional travel cross country and abroad. We have hosted drawing parties in San Francisco, New York, the U.K. and Europe.

The Long Pose Workshops were created after the Late Night Drawing Salons became famous. These workshops were designed with painters in mind. They are quieter, without the “bedlam” associated with the original drawing Salons. Many artists who couldn’t stay up late, wanted to participate and word quickly spread. In response, Jennifer Fabos Patton created the first Long Pose Workshops at The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA). They are now held periodically in a variety of locations throughout the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area.

Now, thirteen years later, artists can immerse themselves in a plethora of social events engaging in opportunities that celebrate humanity through the creative process!

The Founder of Gallery Girls

Jennifer Fabos PattonJennifer Fabos Patton spent her early childhood in Northern California as an only child spending time alone, surrounded by animals and nature. Jennifer learned to be independent at an early age fostering a strong sense of self. Her parents owned many 

prominent bakeries in Los Angeles that she helped run, adding managing and business to her skills.

At 16, she became a hair model for Sebastian. This lead to other commercial modeling gigs and eventually took her to FIDM & GCC where she studied fashion and costume design and she discovered her unique sense of style.

Shortly after, she took her passion for costumes and fashion out of the classroom and onto the streets of Pasadena.

While working as a magician’s assistant, Jennifer was approached by the iconic artist, Jirayr Zorthian. He invited her to pose for him and many years of collaboration followed.

While living at the Zorthian ranch, Jennifer was also introduced to other well known artists. One of these artists brought her to the famed Art Center and it wasn’t long before she became an important fixture in the Los Angeles art community and helped to cultivate the best models in the world.

Thirteen years ago, Jennifer added producer to her title. Combining an innate talent for event planning with her modeling skills, Jen began hosting themed drawing events.

Today, Jen hosts dozens of events a month aside from booking models for schools and studios all over Los Angeles. She also founded The Society of Art Models, a non-profit organization to help models and artists who use them.

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