We Pose, While You Make Art!

Gallery Girls offer many types of workshops for all levels of artist (students, beginners, professionals, etc.) and all mediums (drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, digital, etc.).

Workshops are usually uninstructed and are “B.Y.O.A.S.” Bring You Own Art Supplies (occasionally we offer paper and pencils). Please bring your own easels.

The two most popular types of workshops are:

  • Late Night Drawing Salons (Fun drawing workshops for the insomniac – usually has a DJ and bar)
  • Long Pose Workshops (Usually on weekends and during the day – designed with the painter in mind and includes food & drinks)

Late Night Drawing Salons

Want to spend the night sketching and and socializing with others artists? Maybe have a drink (or two)? The late night salons are your spot to be creative and get out of your !

These late night social events aim to give models and artists opportunities to produce exciting new work together in a festive atmosphere.

For example, the widely popular “Turkish Delights” event includes live music, belly dancers and a bar! Every salon has a unique theme meant to inspire creativity in any artist. Poses range from quick 5-minute poses up to 25-minute poses.

Attendee costs for a late night salon range from $10 to $40 per workshop (photography is extra).

Long Pose Workshops

Designed with painters and sculptors in mind, these events provide fully decorated sets with at least one model holding the same beautiful pose for the entire workshop with nice lighting. The artists have plenty of space to set up their easels and supplies. Relax and just enjoy the art process. Models are usually nude but occasionally artful draped or in costume. These long pose workshops also include food and drinks, so artists only have to think about making art.

Attendee costs for the long pose workshops ranges from $25 to $75 (4-7 hour events) per workshop. (Photography is extra. Please inquire for costs.)

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